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Cascade Construction was started in 1977, and has grown over the years to be one of the premier Mason Contractors in Washington. We are a second generation family-owned business who has continued to strive for quality as we have grown and expanded into new markets.
We specialize in high quality commercial, industrial and public works projects. We can provide the full package beginning at masonry installation and finishing the project with weatherization and maintenance management.

Cascade Construction is a proudly second-generation family business – and our roots in masonry are even deeper – our great grandfather was a bricklayer and grandfather was a hodcarrier. Our father, Ron A. Adams, started helping his dad at age 15 as a hodcarrier during the summers and on Saturdays in his hometown of Phoenix, AZ. Ron A. moved to Tacoma, WA for a job with Weyerhaeuser, but left to start Adams Building in 1977, focusing on industrial and specialty concrete work for much of the late 80’s and 90’s and eventually changing the name to Cascade Construction Company. Growing up, Ron E. always wanted to go to work with dad, and on occasion might have skipped school to go help on a concrete pour. In 1999, our uncle Jim (a union bricklayer) approached Ron A. about working together, and they agreed to start bidding masonry work. Ron E. was quickly recruited to “do the paperwork.” He spent many days and nights learning how to read plans and specifications and became the estimator, project manager, truckdriver, yard guy, office manager, and Vice President.

The company started to grow quickly, by January of 2000 we had signed an agreement with the bricklayers Local 1 WA and in June of 2000 Jim came to work for the company full time and we started our first retail masonry building. We continued to grow and in 2007 Ryan joined the company upon graduation from the University of Arizona College of Law; it is a true dream come true for our dad to have 2 of his kids working in the business he started before either were born.

In 2009 Ron E. became the President and Ryan becoming Vice President. Ron A. started to slow down but continued to help out, so long as it didn’t involve any paperwork. Through the leadership of Ron E. and Ryan, along with many conversations with dad, and long hours from our entire team, we were able to navigate through the great recession to come out as a very strong company today. In 2019 we were awarded our 1,000th job as a which will be completed in 2020.

2019 was a year of change for the Cascade Construction, we finished construction of our new warehouse facility and moved into a new office complex. We wish our dad could have been there for opening day of the new office, but he had a fishing trip planned and after all at 75 fishing is more important than a shiny desk. We are blessed he still comes in occasionally to check his email and say hi. We have a growing team of dedicated professionals – and we hope masonry will be as good to their families as it has been to ours.

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Who We Are

We are a second generation family-owned business who has continued to strive for quality as we have grown and expanded into new markets.
We focus on taking care of the product as well as the construction site from both a product security to the project safety.
Cascade Construction is a Certified Mason Contractor with over 40 years of experience. We are a proud member of the Washington State Conference of Mason Contractors and a contributor to the Masonry Institute of Washington. Cascade Construction is Signatory with the Bricklayers & Allied Craft workers Local 2 Washington, Idaho and Montana, and the Washington & Northern Idaho District Council of Laborers. We are also a members of the AGC Safety team.

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Stonelake Masonry, with over 30 years of experience, specializes in all aspects of masonry, including but not limited to block, brick, and stone. Our dedicated team strives to deliver quality work to each and every one of our clients, both commercial and residential. We are committed to building long-term and professional relationships with all of our clients.